About Gardibo

A sustainable vision

Gardibo offers a wide range of environmentally-friendly products. Most of them are made of untreated wood from European forests. However, the imported wood also comes from durably managed forests. (see also PEFC). Additionally, all items made by us are CO2-neutrally processed. Each of the production entities is equipped with a solar panel park (totalling over 2600 solar panels). This enables us to use almost no fossil fuels in the manufacturing of these products.


  • Extended warranties
  • A strong and stable company
  • Wide range of environmentally-friendly and sustainable products
goede prijzen

How can we offer such great prices?

We import our products from everywhere in Europe and sell them directly to you, our end customer, via our webshop. This way, we eliminate the intermediate party, which makes it possible to offer much better prices. Most often, an importer or wholesaler sells to several stores, and the importer as well as the store must take a margin on the transaction. At Gardibo, you buy straight from the source. We purchase many products in very large quantities; other products are made by us using our large machinery park. All this, combined with efficient logistics, enables us to offer you a price often much lower than in stores. This way, you can, as individual customer, have access to top quality at prices that usually are only available to professionals.