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"How can we offer such great prices?"


About Gardibo

Gardibo is part of the Royer Houtindustrie group. Royer Houtindustrie has been specializing in wood and wood products for over 100 years. We process over 50000 m³ of wood yearly. Gardibo is a separate division dedicated to offering quality wood for the garden, essentially via our webshop. We do not use large store spaces and buy large quantities of wood yearly. Therefore, we can offer quality products and services at prices often lower than those of our competitors. This gives you, as individual customer, the opportunity to purchase top quality products at prices usually only available to professionals. Our efficient logistic systems enable us to deliver to your home, fast and at a low price.

Our strengths

  • Best quality products
  • Very competitive prices
  • Extended warranties
  • A strong and stable company
  • Many environmentally-friendly sustainable products